This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.


If you are looking for the source code for the Invaders project from Head First C# by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene, please go to our GitHub repository:

At the time that CodePlex went read-only, we were still working on the 4th edition of Head First C#. This repository does not contain any code, graphics, or other materials for later editions of the book. Please go to the GitHub repository for that material.

As part of Microsoft's process decommissioning CodePlex, this page went read-only starting in late 2017. We have migrated the source code for Head First C# to GitHub. We decided to keep this read-only version of the CodePlex repository here so that old links to the code will continue to work.

Good luck with your C# learning!

Thank you,
Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene

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